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O-H! I-O!

Ohio Elegant Gothic Lolitas
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Ohio Elegant Gothic Lolitas

This is a community for people who are interested in the Gothic Lolita fashion and styles in the state of Ohio. Please note this is about a common interest in the fashion of Lolita and not an age play or fetish group.

So, what is EGL?

Here are some links that are very informational:
This post from the egl community
lolita_handbook is also very convenient to refer to.

Community Rules:

1. Please keep all posts on topic.
This includes sales--your items must must include some gothic & lolita related pieces. Other j-fashion styles are allowed, but please have some lolita items if you advertise here. Also, it would be appreciated to have pictures placed under a cut.

2. Please be polite to other members.

3. If you post more than one picture, please have the rest behind a lj-cut.
Additionally, if your image is greater than around 400x400 pixels, please also place it under a cut.

The code is Your Text and/or .

4. Introduction posts are allowed.
Feel free to discuss: (a.) Name, age (b.) City, where you are from (c.) How you developed an interest in egl (d.) anything else, etc.

Additionally, moderators reserve the right to delete any post they deem inappropriate, even if it's not addressed in the rules.
Please e-mail one of the Administrators should you have any questions or problems about post deletion.

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