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April 21st A Day at the Aquarium Meetup!

You're all invited to a day at the new Cleveland Aquarium!

The Facebook Event page can be found here:
Please, if you are able, RSVP there and not here. ^_^ This will help with any double-booking or confusion.

You're all invited to a day of fun and under-the-sea adventure!

We'll start out our day at the NEW The Greater Cleveland Aquarium to take photos and look at all the fantastic aquatic life they have there on display.
Afterwards, we'll dine at The Cleveland Harp which is a close drive away and right by the lake. They have Irish inspired food along with american favorites. Brunch, lunch, and dinner served all day, and their prices are very reasonable.

There will also be a nice prize raffle while we're there, and other fun things. Details to come!

Be at the Aquarium by: 12:00 noon *tentative*
Be at the Harp by: 4:00 pm 

Information for both places can be found here:

Aquarium Admission is 21.95 per person. If we are able to get 15 people to attend prices drop to 17.95 per person. However, to get a group rate we have to make reservations and PAY for reservations in advance.

So here's how we're going to do this:
To be able to get the group rates I need at least 15 people to RSVP by March 17th and be able to PAY for the visit in advanced. If we're able to get 15 people by March 17th then I'll send the aquarium a second e-mail making our group reservations for April 21st. I will inform you all when payments need to be made by in order for me to pay for the tickets. I'm going to assume they're going to need to be made ASAP when they confirm our reservation -- so probably by March 23rd or so.

To make this easier on me I'm going to make a comment section on the facebook event page  that says "Group Rate Reservations" If you are able to PAY NOW for group rate reservations please just post a little comment under it -- this way I can keep count of how many people are RSVPing and can actually pay me in advance for the group rate. Again, I'll only need this money IF we can get 15 people before RSVP and be able to pre-pay.

If you're unable to join the event  (or the Ohio EGL page on facebook) please leave a comment on this live journal event page and I can either add you to it, or put your RSVP info there.

Also, I'm not sure if I can *add* to the group once I put in reservations. So if you want to go, but can't RSVP for the group rate, please don't think you can't attend. You still can, but you'll have to get your ticket full price at the aquarium.

If we can't get 15 people by March 17th then prices for the aquarium will just be full price, and be able to be paid AT the aquarium that day.

Now that that's out of the way:

PLEASE RSVP for this meetup in general no later than March 24th 2012. I need to be able to tell The Harp how many people are going to be coming, and I want to be able to give them an advance notice.

Also, if you live in Southern Ohio and need a place to stay I am able to accommodate a few people if they're willing to sleep on a couch or the floor. I am located in Canton. Please let me know if you'd like to stay with me. =)

Hope to see everyone there!

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