Sören (vackert_vitt) wrote in oh_egl,

Sunday Meetup Photo

Just in case anyone is interested, I thought I'd post a group photo from Sunday's meetup at Zen Cha.

From left to right: voodooodolly, cutedeer, vackert_vitt, and mad_tollbooth

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I think we had a wonderfull , small little meetup together! I hope we can repeat it sometime? I THANK YOU ALL for coming and you all made my day! THX
You all look great. Sad that I could not come due to previous commitments.
You guys look like you really had fun! And you all look so cute!! :DD Wish I could have been there but maybe another time :3
Everyone looks very lovely! I probably should have went x_x
All of you look so lovely. :) I wish I could have gone, but hopefully there will be a next time.