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Ohio EGL on Facebook

Are you looking for an Ohio Lolita Fashion community?  In doing so, you may have stumbled upon this facebook community and noticed it was dead.

Never fear! Ohio has a large and active Lolita community! We are all on Facebook!

Our main community (encompasses all of Ohio) is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ohioegl/

PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS: In an effort to protect our existing membership and provide a safe space for all members, all new prospective members will be required to answer a short questionnaire about your interest in Lolita fashion. You can access the survey by clicking this link: http://goo.gl/eCHlw6 . PLEASE BE SURE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY FIRST BEFORE ANSWERING THE SURVEY. Once your answers have been reviewed, your join request will either be accepted or denied. In all cases where an application may be denied, an administrator will attempt to get into contact with the relevant party to discuss any issues with your responses. However, due to facebook messaging settings, this is not always possible. Thank you very much, and we hope to see you actively posting in the group and attending meet-ups soon!

We are most active around the Cleveland, Akron/Canton and Columbus regions.

We have a few sub-groups as well that you may be interested in joining if you are outside those areas and can't always make the trip across the state:

Cincincatti Lolitas: https://www.facebook.com/groups/157178347805998/
Mostly for the southern part of the state including the Dayton area.

Ohio/Mighigan Lolitas: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ohmilolita/
This is more targeted toward the Northwest part of the state (Toledo, etc) and appears to be less active.

Hello. :)

I am very new to Lolita I am going for the Gothic Lolita look. I live in a small town in Ohio called Marion. I dont know where to shop. Every shop I find dont ship over seas. I am lost. I came here hoping to be found,but I am having troubles understanding it all. Please someone help me.


hello my names Alyssa and i'm 16, I am extremely new to Lolita and am very nervous about being in a community.
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(a.) My name's Angela, 21
(b.) I live in a small town called Wheelersburg, it's about 1 1/2 hours south from Columbus and 2 hours south east from Cincinnati
(c.) I'm new to the fashion, but I've admired it for years. I've always loved Japanese fashion as well as Victorian fashion, so when I first saw lolita it was love at first sight.
(d.) I'm still putting my lolita wardrobe together. So far my wardrobe consists of classic and sweet style. I love to cook and bake sweets. I also do deco, I make a lot of the jewelry I wear.  I don't really belong to any lolita group, but I'd love to join one and meet new people. 

Halloween Meet ups :D

Just wanted to post a reminder that there are two times that the lolitas in Ohio will be meeting up to celebrate Halloween! The first event is the Lolita Highball Halloween, and the second is the Akron Boo at the Zoo meetup :3 I'll copy what is written for both events :3 If you plan to go but aren't on facebook, let me know so I can give them the right head count!
Saturday, October 27, 2012, 5:00pm until 1:00am

Short North, Columbus, Ohio
Ohio EGL Goes HighBall! Hosted by Basil Grows

I can provide crash space at my place for any out of town Loli's that would like to come--I would recommend arriving early since parking is likely going to be rather difficult, but luckily my place is within walking distance of the event. : )

I would recommend we meet up at the UDF at the intersection of 1st and High at 5pm, get some ice cream while we wait for everyone to show up, and then head down to the event at 6pm. The #2 bus runs directly down High St to the event from eit...
her direction, and is only $1.75 to ride each way--let me know if you want information on free places you could park your car then ride the bus down to the event if you don't want to fight for parking in the area.


A creative mash-up that's a bit Mardi Gras, a bit Carnivale and a lot Halloween. Directly on High Street from the Short North to the Arena District. A creative convergence of fashion, art, music, dance... and, of course, eye-popping costumes.

Since its inception, HighBall has encouraged its 20,000 costumed revelers to shine with inspired and innovative use of "glow" - LED, lasers, UV-reactive materials, electroluminescent wire and other accessories. This year, in light of the city's ongoing 200COLUMBUS celebration, organizers asked the question: "What do you get when you cross "illuminate" with "Columbus?" The answer, the event's theme...

ILLUMINATUS: Light Up the Night

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Akron Boo at the Zoo Meetup! Hosted by Bobbi Shaw
Come hang out with us for some Halloween fun at the Akron Zoo. Cost is $6 for adults. We'll be eating lunch and then going to the zoo. We can meet up at Madaline Good's grandma's house. Then head over to Highland Square for... either ice cream or coffee or both. Then, head over to the Akron Zoo (carpooling). Maybe afterward, if anyone wants dinner, we can go over to Rockne's down the street from where we started.
If you need the address for where to meet, please let Madaline or me know and we will get it to you by private message or email, for obvious reasons I won't be posting it public ^_^

Future events :D

Hello there!! Since I know some lolita's don't use facebook, but still wanna meet up with everyone, I'll be posting the events that are planned here! There's a couple events that have begun to be planned out, and some that are not decided yet, but here's what to look out for in the future~

First off, there's is the Cleveland Natural History Museum Meet that will be on September 15th at 1:00pm. ( I will copy and paste from the event page for details :3 )

"Since so many people have birthdays around this date we're having a birthday bash! Come celebrate with us at the museum, and then have a lovely birthday lunch afterwards. Even if it isn't your birthday have an un-birthday for the day (we won't tell. ^_~)

After the museum we're going to head about a block or two away to beautiful Rockefeller Lagoon for a wonderful fall picnic/pot-luck!
They do have a gazeboo-esc covered area just in case of rain. However, they DO NOT have seats. Please bring blankets/pillows/etc for your comfort.

Guests are encouraged to bring a tasty treat to share. Please let me know what you're bringing so I can add it to the list.
I plan on picking up plates/utensils/cups etc. Please leave decorations and what not to me. =)

Picnic Food/Drink List:
1. Basil - Birthday Apple Pie
2. Maddy - Ambrosia Salad, Mini Sammiches'.
3. Keshia Jacks - pasta salad
4. Sierra W - Cake

Admission for the museum is 10 dollars for adults, however, groups of 12 or more can get a group discount that doesn't have to be paid for in advance!!
The web site states:
"On the day of your visit, one representative of your group should check in at the admissions desk and make a single payment for your group."
So, if we can get a group of 12 we'll be able to save a little money. Please make sure you bring cash for this so I'll be able to pay for everyone when it comes to purchase tickets if we're able to get the group rate.
They do charge for parking (2 bucks an hour) so please plan to either find an alternative parking spot or bring a few bucks for parking. I don' think we'll stay at the museum for more than 2 hours or so though.
You can find more info on admission and other stuff here:
The deadline to RSVP is September 9th :)

The next events are still in the air, but will take place in October :) It was thought to celebrate halloween once or twice since there's so much to do all over the state! It will most likely be separated by north/south lolitas, but if you want to come to either/or event, please do so! Some ideas that were thought were haunted mansions/homes to explore, hay rides/hay maze, and so on. If you have any ideas please let us know!!

The last event that has been planned is the Dicken's Victorian Village Christmas meet. The date is for December 15th, but that is all that is decided.
"Get your wintery best dresses on! We'll meet up and enjoy the holiday festivities. We're just throwing this out here her now. Details yet to be worked out.

Oh yes! There is also the Worlds Sweets Festival/Lolita Happy Hour event. This one is on a thursday September 6 at 6:00pm. Here is what is written~
"I know it's not the ideal, being a Thursday, but when I saw the World Sweets Festival on the calender....
We just have to.
It's a free event. They just ask for an RSVP.
They also have $1 off select wines until 9pm as well as a restaurant.
Then we could go up to House of Cigar for their ice hookahs and comfy couches! If you haven't been there before, they provide full service and will combine any flavors you want.
Lists of their hookah flavors can be found here:

So there are all the events planned and decided so far. More info on any of the events will come soon. If you have any questions please comment or message me! :D

Live long and loli!! <3
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