violettx (violettx) wrote in oh_egl,

Columbus Halloween Meetup 2014?

So...I was thinking it would be fun to go meetup at a restaurant or something on October 26th? I want to establish an Columbus Lolita group (14-25yrs old). If lots of people are interested I'll make a facebook event. Comment if interested!
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Sounds like fun!
Yay! Are you in Cbus? I've been trying to get into the Ohio EGL on facebook but the admins have spam block so I can message them and tell them I'ma real person.
I'm actually up by Cleveland but sometimes we're able to get far enough down with enough time and extra funds ^^

And that's was actually me! >u< lol It's Nicole and Hihi! :D But yeah, it gets a little tedious having to check people or taking people out because they only wanna sell sneakers or rolex watches >u<
I mean if we can check the profile enough then it's not a big big deal, but some people have their settings so high up that we can't see a thing. I tend to feel bad when there's a genuine person who wants to join and then I keep saying no cause I can't see their profile ^////^; happened more than once and I always feel bad about it.
oooh hello. Ah well the rolex ppl usually are chiness marketers aren't they? & I think its like a virus that if a normal fb user clicks on, they start making rolex/shoes posts everywhere without knowing jt.
Oooh oooh, me, me! I live in columbus and would love this. :3
Also check here (it's a lot more active):
Columbus is about a 3 hour drive for me, but sounds worth it. I've never met any other lolitas, so I'd be down. :)
I'm thirteen, and will not be fourteen until a few months after the meet-up, is it alright if I come anyways? I've been into lolita for a while now, and still have yet to attend my first meet-up.