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Halloween Lolita Party~

Hey everyone!! I know some people don't follow the ohio egl group on facebook, so I wanted to post here

What: Halloween Lolita-themed Party
When: October 29th Saturday from 7pm to 11pm
Where: Winking Lizard in Canton, Ohio

You can wear a costume or lolita gear, or mix them together! It's all up to you :) I'm gonna be calling tomorrow to reserve the room ahead of time. I have to call two weeks in advance to get the food order, and can make the final headcount by the week before the party.

Right now there's 10 people coming total, and everyone is pitching in to help pay for the room. With the $10 of us it's only $5 dollars for each person so if more people come, the price can be cheaper per person.

I believe there's a karaoke machine so bring your best cd's to sing to! :D

Here's there website on the location if you want to see:
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