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Mid-Ohio Comic Con in Columbus

For those who doesn't have a FB account, I have created an event for a lolita meet-up. You can find more info about the meet-up through this link. I hope you guys can make it :) and if you have any questions feel free to post them here.

Mid-Ohio Comic Con Lolita Meet-up Info

Hello OH EGL members,

I am going to be attending the Mid-Ohio Comic con, it looks and sounds a lot of fun. ^_^ I think it would be a great chance for us all to meet up and hang out for a few hours.
We can meet in front of the entrance of the convention center, take pictures, and if everyone wants we can find somewhere to eat that's around the convention center. If anyone has ideas on where to eat you can post a comment since I don't really know the area. ^_^;

I just found this on Urbanspoon, Bubbles the Tea Juice
Info About the Restaurant:

If you guys have any other ideas of places to eat feel free to post a comment here. ^_^


At The Door Prices
1 Day - $35.00
2 Days - $50.00

You can also pre-order tickets through this link: OR
Pre-order Prices
1 Day: $25.00
2 Days: $40.00


I hope you princes and princesses can make it and I can't wait to see you there. =3
You can find more info about the con through this link:

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